Sheer Transformations is for Real People, who want to create Real Results!


At Sheer Transformations we support you in making a positive difference to your health with a holistic approach to your physical and mental well-being, as well as your fitness. This empowers our Sheer Family to live their lives with more energy, passion and happiness.


Our family oriented training studio provides a safe and supportive space for all our clients to be themselves whilst challenging their bodies and mind, with a variety of classes, personal training sessions and seasonal group challenges.  Our team of hard working trainers are dedicated to educating each of our members throughout their fitness journey, and theres an added bonus...we know your name! Forgot just being a number. Our trainers actually get to know each of our members, encouraging you to be an even better version of you.


Our focus is to provide a fun, non-judgmental environment to guide, encourage and inspire our members across all ability levels, to grow in confidence both inside and out as they become stronger, fitter and more connected with their own bodies. We celebrate all the little mile stones as well as the big kick ass achievements of all our clients.

What we do.

  • Provide quality training and support to be mentally and physically stronger and live your life without limitations.
  • Provide sustainable, science backed training methods so you can level up in the gym to level up your life.
  • Support you to live a holistic well life, whatever that looks like for you
  • Constantly upskill our team and educate you to create better, faster results.
  • Feel good, get strong, strip fat and get results and become the best, happiest version of yourself.
  • Quality training, workshops and challenges to get the results you actually want, and create what it is that is important to you.

How we do it!

  • We are very proud to have created and environment that is authentic, open and real, where everyone is welcome no matter your level.
  • A space that is nurturing, supportive, encouraging, where you feel safe to push through your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Our community of real people that are accepting, non-judging and supportive who create lasting friendships.
  • With a team of trainers that are experienced, passionate inspiring and actually care about YOU.

Who is the Sheer Family?

  • Our members are real people who want to create real change in their lives.
  • They are everyday people across a vast range of backgrounds, experiences, fitness levels and skills, all of which share a common desire for greater health, happiness and fulfilment.
  • Our trainers know your name and care about each individual member of our ‘Sheer Family’
  • Because we actually care, our trainers can see in your training and your life where you are more capable than you think and encourage you to reach your potential.
  • We are passionate about making a positive impact on the greater community and environment.