If you’re not used to squatting with weight just yet the barbell can look big and scary, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Here are our top tips for a great set up:

➡️ Line yourself up: place your hands evenly on the bar using the ridges as a guide
➡️ Duck under the bar ensuring your shoulders are centred and hands are gripping the bar as close as comfortably possible
➡️ Step your feet directly under your hips
➡️ Squeeze shoulders back and down, brace abs, and stand up, taking the bar off the hooks 
➡️ Take one step back and find your optimal squat stance 
➡️ Big breath in, brace core,  squat! Leave 1 or 2 reps in reserve to be able to safely rerack the bar 
➡️ At the end of your set, walk back in to where you started and slowly lower the bar back onto the hooks.

If this is still sounding like not your cup of tea that’s cool! Olympic barbells are 20kg so until you build your strength and confidence up to that level you could try:
💙 Sitting to a bench or box 
💙 Body weight squats 
💙 Goblet squats – holding a weight in front of your chest 
💙 Increasing time under tension (go slower, add pauses)
💙 Practicing regularly at the level suitable for you right now!

Need help with your squat? 

We can help you find the right way for you to squat pain free, provide exercises to help strengthen any areas that are holding you back and provide that accountability for you to practice.

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