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Omelet or omelette with fresh green onion, scrambled eggs

Maggie’s Turkey Omelette recipe

If you’re after a protein rich way to start your day, Maggie’s Turkey Omelette recipe!  It’s super easy to make, and even prepare a few days in advance.  Ingredients: 1 tbsp. olive oil 3 eggs 15g butter 50g kale 175g turkey 25g feta cheese Method:  Heat oil and gently cook turkey, kale and feta together in…

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Introducing Stacie!

If you haven’t seen this little pocket rocket around the studio, you are missing out! Stacie may look tiny and unimposing – but she can probably out lift you!Get to know her below, or book in a session with her (3 x 30 min PT sessions are just $99; new clients, offer valid before 31st October…

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Woman doing push ups

Can you do a push-up?

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark We have all seen endless Youtube videos of buff guys and gals doing countless push-up in a display of their incredible ‘strength’ (insert rolling of eyes here).  However, the number of people doing them properly are few and far between.  Don’t fall into the trap of trying to smash out as…

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Fresh fruit for smoothie breakfast

3 steps to a healthier heart

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Australia.  An estimated one in six, or 4.2 million Australians are affected by cardiovascular disease (1), and 119 Australians die each day from CVD, or one every 12 minutes. (2)  I don’t know about you but I think that is…

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What can strength training do for you?

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark We all know that strength training helps us lose weight and build strong muscles and bones, but did you know that it also keeps us young, healthy and active in a myriad of ways. Resistance training is any form of exercise that adds load to movement.  This might be lifting weights…

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Stronger than ever at 60!

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark Exercise benefits for the older and wiser generation. STRONG MUSCLES There are many benefits of strength training, especially for mature aged exercise goers.  Start gently and with the guidance and supervision of a trained professional to ensure maximum improvements and prevention of injury. Resistance based, strength exercise can; Increases muscle strength…

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Pregnancy Safe Training

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark There are many benefits to exercising when pregnant and for most women it is completely safe, provided you are following pregnancy-safe training techniques.  These techniques will also differ for each individual, as every person and every pregnancy is different. Even in my own experience, all my pregnancies have been different and…

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Workout Fuel – Pre-workout nutrition

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark Food for Fuel CarbohydratesYour body breaks down the carbohydrates from your food into glucose and stores in as Glycogen to fuel your muscles.   For short, high-intensity exercise, your glycogen stores are your muscles’ main source of energy. For longer exercises, the degree to which carbohydrates are used depends on several factors…

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Breakfast like a Boss

Written by Emma Freeman There are so many old adages around food:   An apple a day keeps the doctor away  Eat three square meals a day  Finish your plate   No carbs after 4pm  Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper  With so many conflicting ideas, it’s hard to get your head around what…

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What’s the deal with portions?

Portion Control Portion control is absolutely key to weight management, cardiovascular health and energy and is something that most people struggle with. This is a really quick and easy guide to help you identify and control your portions for different foods.  Just 5 easy sizes to remember. What’s the Deal with Portions? (YouTube Video) Recommended resource:…

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