Fit woman tying her laces before a run.


I know you started the year with big aspirations.

“2020 is going to be my year!”
“It’s going to be different this time!”
“I want to lose 10kg and get fit again!”

January 2020 looked like a such a clean slate, golden
with opportunity for your big comeback. But now it’s March and you still look,
feel and think the same. Oops!

What are you meant to do when your big plans have gone awry! When that 6-week
challenge didn’t shave any centimetres off?

Creating last change is HARD!

But it’s not impossible.

Here are the biggest mistakes we see, AND how to overcome them!

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Quick Cardio!

Life gets busy but all you need to squeeze in this little workout is 10 mins, a bit of space, and maybe a sports bra/aircon 😅 Lots of options to modify make this work out suitable for just about everyone!

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Home workout for mums and bubs!

One of the big barriers to doing workouts at home: what weight can use!? Mums if you have a baby handy, this is the perfect workout for you! Hold bub the whole time or substitute with a couple of big bottles of water (or actual weights if you’re fancy!). You’ll get a nice little sweat on, as well as some shakes and burns with this one! Doing workouts need to fit with your lifestyle, so if you can’t get into our gym at Coorparoo, try this baby and dog friendly workout at home!

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Quick Home workout for when you’re short on time! (Leg focus)

Here’s a lower body focused workout that is going to challenge your core and balance, and get those thighs burning! It’s the perfect little home workout to do if you can’t get into the gym. You don’t need lots of time, equipment, or even space – just your body! We believe in “real people, real results”. Real people have dogs at home that get in the way when they’re working out but this keeps your face up off the ground and away from the licks.

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Quick Home workout for busy mums! (Glutes)

We know that sometimes life gets a little hectic and it’s hard to get to the gym. Even if you’re at home, other things compete for your attention. We get it 100%: in this video, you’ll see dogs, hear a baby crying, and notice the minimal space AND time used!
All you need for this home workout is a bit of space and some cushioning for your knees on the floor! We’ll be targeting glutes and triceps in this quick little home Pilates session – great for mums, great to break up a work from home day, and great for a rainy day workout option if you can’t get to our gym in Coorparoo!

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Why do you train?

Let’s be real, not everyone enjoys going to the gym (shocking,

But I don’t really know anyone who particularly likes taking
medicine either though.

Does that stop you from taking it?

If you’ve got a raging headache will you decide that you’ve
got better things to do than pop a paracetamol?

If your doctor has given you essential prescription
medications, do you decide you can’t be bothered taking your daily dose?

When cold and flu season rolls around, I’m gonna bet you hit
that Codral hard rather than suffer the stuffed nose any longer than you have

THAT is the point – taking your medicine is the lesser of two
evils in all of these cases. You want the outcome. It’s easier to swallow a
tablet than it is to suffer the ailment. It’s a no brainer!

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Personal Training… yay or nay?

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark Is Personal training really all it’s cracked up to be?  We often hear that personal training is the fast track way to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time, but how exactly is this achieved?  Let me share with you some of the ways we do this at Sheer Transformations.…

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Hearty Minestrone Soup

Serves 10 Ingredients: 1 carrot 1 zucchini Handful green beans 3 potatoes 2 onions 2 cloves garlic 2 stalk celery 5 large button mushrooms 1/2 bunch shallots 2 ripe tomatoes 1 x 400g can cannellini beans, rinsed 2 x 400g can crushed crushed tomatoes 2L vegetable stock Olive oil Salt and pepper 1 cup Pasta…

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Is your Personal Trainer really any good?

Written by Maggie-Laurie Spark There are so many personal trainers out there all shouting how good they are, so how do you really know if they are actually any good or just full of s#*t?  Here’s 5 key questions to ask before you choose a Personal Trainer. 1. What is your health and fitness philosophy?…

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Chicken and Vegetable Quiche

Serves 6 Ingredients: 200g chicken mince 1 brown onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tbsp olive oil 1 carrot, grated 1 zucchini, grated 3 button mushrooms, diced ¼ sweet potatoes, peeled 2 chat potatoes 6 free range eggs 1 tomato ½ bunch shallots ½ cup grated tasty cheese 1 tsp mixed herbs Salt and…

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