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Challenges and Events

At Sheer Transformations we support you in making a positive difference to your health with a holistic approach to your physical and mental well-being, as well as your fitness.  Our team of hard working trainers are dedicated to educating each of our members throughout their fitness journey.  We do this by offering our members a range of challenges, workshops, seminars specialty classes and special events.


GET STRONG 2019 - 6-Week Challenge

Get Strong delivers everything you need to;
⚡ Build lean muscle
⚡ Improve functional strength
⚡ Learn correct technique and spotting
⚡ Lose fat
⚡ Increase energy
⚡ Become more confident in the gym and in your body

This power-packed 6 week challenge is the perfect way to get motivated and get results. It includes;
💥6 weeks gym membership.
💥Testing and goal setting sessions.
💥Nutrition workshop
💥'Get more out of the gym' workshop.
💥'Yoga for Strength' masterclass
💥'Get Lifting' strength challenge.
💥Advanced strength exercises workshop.
💥6 targeted workouts to strengthen your entire body or focus on your 'target' areas.
💥Training and results tracking system.
💥Discounted group Personal Training sessions.
💥Online and face to face support from experienced strength and power lifting trainers.

$49 Sheer VIP's
Limited to 30 places only.
Register today to secure your place - Starts 19th August

30 Day Detox
21 Day Kick Start Challenge
Upcoming Challenges

Workshops / Seminars / Events

Upcoming Workshops

Getting More Out of the Gym
Monday 26/8, 6:30-7:30
This workshop is run in conjunction with our Get Strong 6 week challenge, and as part of our ongoing commitment to provide smart, quality training. Rather than just smashing out a workout, we aim to educate our clients more deeply on the why and the how. Getting More Out of the Gym is a practical workshop which will delve into how to progress or regress exercises, appropriate exercise substitutions and how to safely utilise our machines.

Price: $20 per person; Free for challenge participants and Sheer VIPs

Yoga for Strength with Chrystal
Saturday 31/8, 7:30-8:30am
As part of our Get Strong 6 week challenge, Chrystal will be running us through a strong yoga practice tailored specifically to people who want to increase their strength. This class will also benefit those who are already doing more traditional strength training by stretching out areas commonly tightened by doing a typical weights session and strengthening stabiliser muscles that can sometimes be forgotten!

Price: $20 per person; Free for challenge participants and Sheer VIPs

Get Lifting - One Day Challenge
Saturday 7/9, Time TBC
As part of our Get Strong 6 week challenge, we're hosting this fun and challenging half day event! Participants aim to lift a mammoth target of 10,000kg, broken down into many sets and reps with varying weights, and with the added option of working in a team to get there. It's a big task, but as past participants have found out, still very manageable, and of course super rewarding once that last set is done!

Price: $27 per person; Free for challenge participants 

Skin Health Seminar - Tuesday 8th October

Liver Health Seminar - Wednesday 16th October

Heart Health Seminar - Friday 25th October

Past Workshops & Challenges: 

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Essential Oils Workshop

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Get Strong Challenge

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Get a Goal Workshop

Cultivating and Athletes Attitude Seminar

Strengthen your mind- Strengthen your body Seminar

Get Healthy Seminar- Nutrition principles and practices

Get Your Head in the Game Workshop- Mindset Methods

Get it Right Movement Workshop - Neck, back and shoulder pain solutions

Get Super Seminar- Superfoods and Supplements

Get Organised- Mindset and personal Effectiveness Methods

2 Day Health Mastery Course

Beast Week

National Continence Week Pelvic Floor Master Class

National Continence Week Pilates Class