Choosing your cafe breakfast

It can be hard to scroll a menu and find something that fits with your goals, but also lets you have a good time. Here are some fast tips to find your perfect breakfast out⁣

🍳 FIND YOUR PROTEIN – Protein is the most filling nutrient and is essential for muscle growth and recovery. Make sure your choice has some protein to keep you satiated when you leave the table⁣

💚 VEG OUT – Add a veggie! Wilted spinach, a grilled tomato, maybe a side of sweet potato – look for a veggie to get your fibre and to support your day of eating the rainbow 🌈⁣

🍯 GETTING SAUCY – Keep in mind that to make things extra tasty, your favourite brekky spot likely uses more butter, oil, salt, and sugar than you usually would. Ask for sauces on the side so you can control how much you have (but still enjoy it!) and always taste your food before adding extra salt or sweetness ⁣

🤓 EAT WITH YOUR EYES – Did you know our smell and our sight at huge influencers of what we eat? Take in the sight of your plate (and maybe take a quick 📸 for the ‘gram), and take a whiff. Sight and smell stimulate digestion, making it easier to break down your good! ⁣

🧁 TREAT RESPONSIBLY – We aren’t anti-treat at all around here. If you see a really great slice of cake or brownie 🤤 calling from the cake cabinet, go for it! But just quickly – could you share it? Or if you’re having beers with the crew tonight, decide from your craving patterns if you’re the Treat Day or Treats Spread Out type, and choose accordingly⁣

Where’s your favourite breakfast spot? We’re always looking for recs! Yours could end up on our Breakfast in Coorparoo blog post, coming soon!