Our Coorparoo group classes are designed to maximise your time in the gym, getting you leaner, fitter and stronger alongside an awesome community who will also cheer you on.
You can enjoy multiple training styles and know that you'll be supported by our trainers every step of the way.
Our small class sizes let us provide highly personalised training, so whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned gym-goer, into lifting weights or prefer to stretch it out, you'll be able to work towards your goals.
We believe in training smarter not harder, using a safe and sustainable approach to help you become the healthiest and fittest version of yourself.

What to expect: 

Our class numbers are capped, but more importantly, this helps us to personalise each class to our participants.
We recommend bringing along a full-sized towel and water bottle, and wearing comfortable clothing you can move in.
Closed in shoes are required unless participating in Flow or Burn classes.
When you arrive, our trainers will greet you, guide you to sign in at reception, and let you know what equipment is required for class and where to find it.
You can store your belongings in cubes at the reception area, and then make yourself comfortable or start warming up your body.
Each class begins with a brief warm up specific to the class style to prepare your body and minimise the risk of injury.
We will guide you through low, moderate and high intensity options, ensure your technique is great and provide progressions so you can always get a great workout.
Once class is done, we disinfect all equipment used. Post-class is also a great time to chat to your trainer if you have any questions or concerns, want more information or need a technique check.
Lift Sheer T Logo


Build your body and get strong. In Lift we will work on building a foundation of great form and strong muscles. Whether you’re a powerlifter or just looking to get stronger, this class has it all. 

Burn Sheer T Logo


Become aware of muscles you didn’t even know you had with Burn. We’ll meet the deep glutes to strengthen your posterior chain, and your jeans game. We’ll connect to your core, all the way around. A great way to strengthen your body and create long lean muscles – and you’ll remember it the next morning, too! 

Flow Sheer T Logo


Come flow with us! In Flow you’ll find your strength and centre. Part recovery, part power, Flow offers you the balance your body loves. 

Stretch Sheer T Logo


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your body asking to move! A stiff body is less effective for everything you do, from setting PB’s, to working all day long. Come give yourself the recovery time your body craves, and create long and strong muscles that move as good as they look.

Box Sheer T Logo


Punch it out! Shake off the stress of your week, build strong arms and core, get your sweat on, and befriend your fellow boxers. One of the best intensity workouts around, build your fitness and tone your body. 

Sweat Sheer T Logo


Ready to HIIT it? SWEAT brings you high intensity, variety, and a great heart-pumping workout. This is the fastest, most efficient way to reach your body composition goals.  

Pump Sheer T Logo


Let’s get physical! Join our signature class for great tunes, great moves, and have so much fun you’ll forget how hard you’re working! We can’t guarantee that part, but we can guarantee beats and smiles. 

Circuit Sheer T Logo


One of the faves! Move through different stations bringing in strength, get your heart pumping, build lean muscle, and have fun while you’re at it! 

Functional Sheer T Logo


Our bodies are made to move in a variety of ways. Different movement patterns support your everyday life and needs. Our Functional classes bring in movements that strengthen the muscles and body patterns you use every day, whether it’s carrying kids or groceries, reaching to the highest shelf, or getting down low on the dancefloor. 

A word from our members

“I love my Sheer T family!!! Maggie and Emma have created an all-inclusive, fun and supportive environment that is unlike any gym I have ever stepped into. The awesome people, range of training styles, group fitness offerings and dedicated personal trainers mean that no matter your fitness level, motivation or walk of life, you will find Sheer T can help you get you on track to achieve your health and fitness goals. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been and I have the incredible people in the Sheer T family to thank for that."


“I love exercising and working out at Sheer. But it’s not only the training that keeps me coming back. It’s the variety of exercises and classes, the fun activities, the information sessions, and last but not least, it’s like having a 2nd family."


“Sheer Transformations is the best gym I have ever had membership. The trainers push you and work with you to achieve the results you want. If you are carrying an injury or soreness there is always an alternative that works you just as hard. And the best bit about this gym, is that we are a family. The people who are members are friendly and there is no ego, we all support each other to do our best, there is no competition (only friendly). The team of trainers work you hard and make sure you have a laugh at the same time."


“Sheer Transformations is not just a training studio, but a family.  Maggie, Steve and Emma have built an amazing, supportive space, and encourage its members to support each other inside and outside the training studio. Along with their team of trainers, their approach to healthy living is holistic and includes not only quality training and nutrition, but mindset and goals; stress and hormonal influences, and the recovery process.   Since walking into this place 4 months ago, I have not looked back, and achieved some amazing goals in a short time thanks to their encouragement, advice and support."


“The trainers at Sheer are always conscious of making classes challenging to all our varied fitness levels so everyone feels personally accommodated, and the trainer’s effort to work with us around any injuries carried, allows everyone to be motivated to perform to a level where you walk away sweaty and satisfied with the effort you've put in!"


“If you're looking for a workout space that is safe, comfortable and free from judgement, ego and attitude then I can't recommend Sheer Transformations highly enough. This place has become my second home, and while I'm not sure I'll ever be able to say that I love exercise, I DO love my Sheer Family and the endless amount of support, encouragement, humour and friendship that I find within the walls of this little unassuming blue and white building."