Well…. maybe. Are you thinking of making a comeback to the gym? Maybe going back to an older program, hitting a few Open Gym sessions, or coming in to class after a break?


Making the decision to show up for yourself is so powerful! Prioritising yourself, your mind, your body, and your time is an incredible achievement, and we love to see it!

Here are a few things to keep in mind on your way back:

Just a reminder that when you come back, you will have lost at least a teeny bit of your regular gains and strength. Fortunately, muscle memory will help you get back there pretty quickly, but it’s important to honour where your body is at today.

Instead of hitting your previous max, start a little slower, have a longer warm-up, and give yourself plenty of time to stretch after.

The most important key 🔑 to achieving your goals is rinse and repeat – do it, do it again, and then do it some more. Set out the days and times you will be working out, and show up for it!

It’s tempting to go in and go hard, but intensity comes with time. Start by building your foundations, and build the weight and intensity as you go

Not sure where to start? We have so many options! Whether you want to tweak your program with one of our trainers, come in to one of our classes and take one of the steadier options, or need some tools for recovery (sleep, rest and nutrition), we have it all in house, and helping is our favourite thing! 

Email us and book a time to chat to one of our trainers, our nutritionist, or book your next class here! 

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