Getting Great Glutes!


We have seen a big rise in the popularity of booty workouts in recent years, but the benefits of training glutes go way beyond aesthetics! 

Strong and functional glutes can alleviate back and knee pain, increase your athletic performance and enhance your posture. 

In order to get all these benefits from glute training, try our top 3 tips:

🍑 Develop your mind to muscle connection: don’t just go through the motions, focus on ‘feeling’ your butt contracting during each set. Shutting your eyes to concentrate can help! 

🍑 Keep your abs tight: this will ensure any movement comes from the hip joint and not the lower back. If you experience lower back pain in any exercise stop immediately, reduce the load and/or range, and get your mechanics under control first.

🍑 Mix up your rep ranges: you can train glutes heavy and low rep (deadlifts and hip thrusts), moderate (step ups, kickbacks, reverse lunges), and low/bodyweight high rep (pretty much all our Pilates classes 😅). 

➡️ We train glutes in some capacity every class, but to get your 🍑 fix, grab an intro pass and book into Pilates and Strength classes!