It’s a given that food can affect how we feel: whether you’re digging into a degustation, having a sneaky snack or doing the newest diet, what you eat (or don’t eat) now can dictate your mood for the next few hours.

Highly processed food is not only calorie-dense and nutrient-sparse, but it has very carefully calculated combos of sugar, fat and salt which light up your brain’s pleasure centre and are designed to leave you wanting more. Now please note, these foods are not BAD (unless they are expired or off 😬) but they tend to result in a lot of calories consumed without much fibre or vitamin content. Not great for a weight loss goal, but also likely to leave you feeling worse off once the high wears off.

Next time you need a pick me up, instead of reaching for those kinds of foods, consider these:  

🍣Salmon – contains essential fatty acids for brain function which also keep you fuller for longer 

🍫Dark chocolate – stimulates endorphins and can decrease inflammation (aim for 70% or higher to get in lots of antioxidants)

🍧Fermented foods (kimchi, kefir, kombucha, yoghurt) – these foods help to increase the level of healthy gut bacteria which can in turn increase serotonin levels

🍌Bananas – contain vitamin B6 for dopamine and serotonin production, prebiotics to feed healthy gut bacteria, and fibre to give you an even energy boost

🥜Nuts & seeds (Brazil, almonds, pine nuts, pepitas) – high in fat and protein to keep your brain healthy and your tummy satisfied, and a good source of mood boosting, sleep enhancing tryptophan. 

☕COFFEE – enough said! haha but also for legitimate reasons you probably already knew: it increases dopamine and alertness levels to be the ultimate feel good bevvy (with no hangover). If you’re sensitive to it, get your coffee in before the afternoon to avoid it affecting your sleep. 

What’s your go-to FEEL GOOD food!?