How To Get More Out Of Your Workout! 🥊🏋️‍♀️

We know that some days just getting to the gym is a massive win. On days where you have a little more energy, here’s how to direct it for best results!

1. Fuel yourself well: eat a balanced diet overall but give yourself adequate fuel if you plan on getting through a big workout.🌮

2. Arrive 5-10 mins early and do a useful warm up: dynamic movements that mimic what you’ll be training are a great idea.🏃‍♂️

3. Mind muscle connection: particularly useful in strength training, this can be as simple as concentrating on ‘feeling’ the target muscle, rather than just zoning out and waiting til it’s over 😂

4. Pump up the music! We are always open to song requests 😀🤟 Check out our Spotify playlists! 

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