We know first hand that as you enter motherhood, you leave a former part of yourself and your identity behind. Every waking hour (and some hours when you should be asleep) are dedicated to your lovely little one and it becomes hard to put yourself first. After all, they need to be fed, burped, cuddled, changed, rocked, fed some more, bathed… the list is cyclical and endless. You’re lucky to get a shower in there yourself (hot tip – shower with your baby, then let them play on a mat until you’re done mama!). 

Despite all the craziness this period brings, we know that the benefits of post-partum exercise are also endless and definitely don’t need to be about losing weight or “getting your pre-baby body back”.

Some of the benefits of postpartum exercise include:

  • boosting mood
  • relieving stress
  • increasing strength and muscle
  • improving fitness
  • may prevent postpartum depression
  • strength and condition ab muscles
  • improving pelvic floor and improve postpartum incontinence

Creating time whilst caring for a newborn can be challenging. We know – we have a team of mums here! And some days your eyeballs might fall out of your head, but that doesn’t mean you should put taking care of yourself on the backburner. You don’t need hours; even 30 minutes can work wonders. Often, when we really look at how we are spending our time, there are some pockets we could be using.

Once you’ve gotten your doctor’s all-clear to exercise, try our top tips for creating YOU time:

  1. Make exercise a priority. Think of it as a date with Channing Tatum (or whoever your celebrity eye candy is) – you certainly wouldn’t stand them up, would you?!
  2. Find an exercise buddy or enlist a personal trainer who is experienced in post-natal training to keep you motivated and accountable
  3. Join a gym where you can take your bub (FYI, we love babies at Sheer!)
  4. Don’t be afraid to get help from a partner/friend/family member/creche to look after bub to make time for yourself. Allow yourself to leave bub free of guilt, taking that time for you an catching your breath can often make you come back an even better mum
  5. Schedule exercise around nap times – maybe you can do a home workout (we have a great HIIT guide)
  6. Pop baby in the pram and go for a walk, or include them in your exercise. All movement is good movement!
  7. Stop scrolling. How often have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram and suddenly you have lost an hour of your day? Use that time to move your body instead
  8. Be flexible. It’s okay if your “perfect routine” goes a little off track. Allow yourself to make exercise a priority. You matter too Mumma!