🔸️How did you first get involved in fitness?
🔹️I first started training as part of rehab for my back after having a perforated disc in my lower back and a pinched sciatic nerve. And then strength training just continued in from there. 

🔸️You always have killer playlists on in the gym – what’s your favourite song to get you pumped up before training?
🔹️It really depends on my mood at the time and the day I’ve had but anything that I connect with emotionally is best to get me motivated to train. Some NF or Dead Letter Circus never go astray. 

🔸️You are one half of a dynamic parenting duo to two adorable little boys – between dad life and working 2 jobs how do you find the time to train and stay healthy?
🔹️Haha finding the time is the key phrase here. It’s not always possible to train as much as I would like as it’s not my highest priority anymore but I have an amazing partner who keeps me accountable with my training and nutrition.

🔸️What’s the biggest thing you learnt from competing in powerlifting?
🔹️A sense of community and humility. The knowledge that no matter your strength level or experience, everyone will get behind you when you’re on that lifting platform and push you to do your best. Most supportive sport I’ve been involved in. Would recommend. 

🔸️If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
🔹️This is a cruel question haha. Either nachos or pizza. 

🔸️Favourite class style to teach?

🔸️What is your spirit animal?
🔹️The timberwolf for sure

🔸️Squats or deadlifts?
🔹️Tough but I’d say deadlifts. 

🔹️Coffee order?
🔸️lactose free cappuccino, 1/4 hot water, no sugar.

You can catch Rohan taking classes on Thursday night’s and Friday mornings, or book PT sessions by appointment.