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With a passion for fitness and a desire for growth and a community she could thrive in, It didn’t take long for Emma to fall in love with the Sheer Transformations culture.  She was so invested in the ‘Sheer Family’ she became a partner and director of the company after just 6 months and has never looked back.  Emma has quite an eclectic background, and has been an active, physical person for as long as she can remember. From a young age Emma was always dancing, often making her family sit through my performances in the lounge room. She continued that theme all the way up to university level, dabbling in commercial dance and musical theatre, and ending up with a degree specialising in contemporary dance. Emma also minored in nutrition, psychology and human movement studies; the perfect set up for personal training! Initially, personal training was just going to be something to do between dance jobs, but she ended up absolutely falling in love with everything the job encompassed. Over seven years on, she still just as fascinated about movement and getting people fit, healthy and strong.  Emma loves drawing on different training methods for a holistic approach to training, health and life.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) with honours - QUT
  • Diploma of Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance - DLDC
  • Certificate in Nutrition Psychology - Cadence Health
  • Certified in Pilates Matwork; Advanced Matwork; Ball, Circle & Band - Studio Pilates
  • Barre instructor (150hr) - Barre Body
    Yoga teacher (350hr) - Core Yoga (in progress)
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Stacie fell in love with fitness and in particular strength training six years ago after battling a long -term illness and wanting to live a healthier, stronger life and find a new focus.  Since then, Stacie has competed in and walked away with placings in both bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Nowadays powerlifting is Stacie’s {personal} training style and finds having a goal that is strength based rather than aesthetically focused incredibly motivating and empowers her, and her clients.

Stacie has a heart for helping others to live their healthiest and happiest lives and strives to be their best cheerleader. As a naturally empathetic and caring person, Stacie can’t help but want to share her passion and experience to make an impact in the lives of others. She is incredibly passionate about women’s health and training; strength training; nutrition; and mindset/ psychology around food, body image and training.  She believes strength training is so important for long term general health at any age and has made it her mission to get everyone to enjoy being active and enjoy the process of achieving their goals. Stacie is devoted to helping people reach their goals through fun yet challenging sessions by a variety of means specific to the individual including circuit training, weights, kettlebell training and boxing. She believes that everyone can be their best self through a change of mindset, habits and commitment. Stacie is also a qualified nurse and proud mummy to a baby boy with a second baby on the way!


  • Personal Trainer
  • Class Instructor
  • Gym Instructor
  • Certificate 3 Aged Care
  • Diploma of Enrolled Nursing
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Chrystal found her way into the fitness community through her career in the British Army. As a Physical Training Instructor, she was exposed to all levels of fitness, class size and activity as well as aiding in the rehabilitation of injured service personnel.

Interest piqued she took her mounting enthusiasm

to the next legitimate level by completing her civilian recognised PT qualification as well as developing her personal passion for Yoga by becoming an advanced instructor.

She endeavours to set realistic goals for her clients and thrives off being the extra external motivation to smash goals and targets, whilst encouraging a balance with yoga and mixing up training routines.

Chrystal lives a very active life and takes every opportunity to get moving, from cycling and walking everywhere possible, spending free time on hikes and perusing her favourite activity, long distance running which has led her to complete several 1/2 and full marathons. Day to day training is a happy balance of endurance and listening to her body; something that she strives to instil in her clients.


  • Level 2&3 Diploma in fitness
  • Personal Trainer
  • Class Instructing
  • British Army Physical Training Instructor
  • 500 hr Yoga Instructor
  • Kettle Bell Training
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Belinda is a clinical nutritionist and movement enthusiast with a focus on bridging the mind-body connection. In her movement life she has been a personal trainer, group fitness manager, yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, a baby Irish dancer and Team Australia roller derby athlete. Her nutrition practice came from growing up with chronic symptoms since she was 7, and being on every medication under the sun (which she wasn’t allowed in because of the meds), to finally having someone look at what she was eating in a (literally) digestible way at 20 years old. This culminate in a degree in nutritional medicine and an 18 month adventure in working with top functional medicine doctors in Vancouver, Canada. focused on bringing Western medicine along with holistic nutrition and mindset.

Her love of educating and teaching movement comes from years of laziness and dreadful eating, to learning that movement and eating well 80% of the time is a game changer in how you feel in and about your body. That realisation of the empowerment that comes from knowing your own body lead to the career in fitness and nutrition driven by the fire to educate others and bring them that same joy of awareness. Bring in the mindfulness and unlearning of old behaviour patterns, and you’re pretty close to current-day Belinda.

Now her focus is on movement patterns, engaging the breath, and working with the body instead of fighting against it. You’ll hear her say “parasympathetic nervous system” and “aren’t bodies amazing?!” more than you’ll like, but all in the name of fun and functional movement.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) – Endeavour College
  • Certificate III in Fitness – FIT College
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • Diploma in Emotional Eating
  • Pilates Teacher Training Certification
  • REBT Mindset Coaching Training
  • Neuroplasticity: Rewire You Brain Coaching

At Sheer Transformations, we are always looking for quality trainers to join the team. We also have mentoring and paid work opportunities for students enrolled in Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

If you feel you might be a good fit, please contact us