Are you one of our awesome nightshift workers?

Sometimes planning your nutrition around your shifts can be challenging! You’re out of sync with your circadian rhythm, you probably want to be sleeping, and often a yawn turns in to a shout for the vending machine

So here are the things to focus on for night shifts:

1. Complex carbs are your friend – They keep your energy high and have a slower breakdown time, meaning you don’t have a crash from sugar AND a crash from the night

2. Focus on nutrients – B Vitamins, iron, magnesium, Vitamin C – These big hitters are necessary for creating energy in your body

3. Protein – Ensure you are having protein, fat and carbs with every meal or snack. This makes sure your energy and focus stay high and on point

4. Consider saunas – Infrared saunas are amazing for supporting circadian rhythm and boosting the power of your mitochondria, leading to greater energy production

5. Be prepared – Bring your food with you so the whims of the night don’t dictate your choices

6. Eat like a day shift – Have breakfast before you go, have a lunch and 1-2 snacks on shift, and make sure there’s something for “dinner” when you get home (even if it’s eggs on toast). Knowing you have something at home can keep you out of the drive-through, and eating regularly keeps your energy and blood sugar even

Great nightshift foods include:

✨ Oats with almond/coconut milk, berries + chia seeds in a jar

✨ Mexican casserole – Think “burrito without the wrap”. You can prep earlier in the week, with beef mince, brown rice, black beans & veggies

✨ Hummus + rice crackers or veggies

✨ Peanut butter protein balls

✨ Salmon patties with some hummus + green veggies

✨ Chia pudding with fruit

✨ Matcha over coffee for a longer lasting energy buzz