Personal Training

 “Our personal training programs and training plans are specifically designed around YOU, your goals, challenges, experience, likes, dislikes and circumstances.

We understand that everyone is different, so each training session is tailored to suit you”. 

Why Choose PT

At Sheer Transformations we actually care about you and have worked hard to create and maintain an environment that is extremely personal. This makes our studio and PT sessions like none other.  Our clients often refer to us as their "Sheer Family" because of our friendly, supportive and positive environment, making Sheer the perfect place to tackle your health goals. 

It is our goal to support, guide, and educate you through your training process, with a view to achieving long term sustainable health. 

At Sheer Transformations, we believe it's essential to not only enjoy exercise (yes, it can be done!) but to understand how it impacts and affects your body and overall health. 

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OVER 50’s

We understand that it can be a huge step to just walk in the front door of any gym for most people, but for others it seems like a monumental leap, especially if you have never had much experience with exercise or sport before.   We also find this is the case for most of our over 50’s clients when they are first getting started, which is why we provide safe, comfortable and enjoyable training for over 50’s to improve all areas of your health so you can live your life without limitation.  If your body is a little more restricted that you would like, or you have niggly aches or pains, find it hard to keep up with the grandkids, or your bones are a little creaky, we can help you.  Often life gets in the way, but remember, we are a long-time dead, so make the most of your living and join our echelon of over 50’s now.

Core benefits of exercising in your later years;

  • Increased muscle and bone mineral density
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Reduced risk of falls and injury
  • Reduced body weight
  • Move more freely and with greater confidence
  • Stronger pelvic floor and reduced risk of incontinence
  • Healthier heart and lungs and can help regulate blood pressure
  • Fun, social and make you feel great

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A word from our over 50’s clients

“My personal training sessions at Sheer Transformations have reaped rewards for me when I recently received the results of a bone density scan, a routine test for a woman in her 60’s. The results showed that there had actually been an improvement in my bone density scores, particularly in my lumbar area that had been an area of injury and concern.   Maggie has designed my program to work on my flexibility, improve the strength of my postural muscles, as well as work on my balance and local muscular endurance.  The result has been a marked improvement to a back injury and a positive result from the bone density scan.  I couldn’t be more pleased with what has been achieved and the attention and focus that Maggie has provided to achieve this outcome for me”.  Marg (66)

“For the past 5 years, Maggie has designed programs for us to improve core strength, balance and overall fitness. Recently she provided support, encouragement and specialised training to enable me to conquer the Kokoda Track”.  Terry (64)

“Real people, real results!! That is certainly true!! Such a warm, friendly environment with a team of knowledgeable, encouraging trainers who have given me the confidence to achieve a better understanding of what I can accomplish. I am so grateful to the Sheer Team for helping me to kick goals and improving my fitness”.  Jude (63)

“What strikes me most is the happy, supportive and professional atmosphere at Sheer Transformations.  It is my feel good fix.  Personal training with Steve changed my coordination, flexibility and endurance.  My confidence grew and with encouragement I finished the 20km Tough Mudder Obstacle Race”. Peter (62)

“Joining the Sheer family has changed my life for the better. Not only have I achieved so much already with my fitness and strength but am also learning about nutrition and ways to make life happier and healthier. The support and love and encouragement I receive is unbelievable. If you want to have a healthier, happier life and meet so many amazing people. Sheer Transformation is for you. Nothing to lose but so much to gain”.  Sandy (59)

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 Is it safe to exercise while pregnant?

When can I start training again after giving birth?

How can I lose my baby weight?

There is so much information out there it is hard to know what if safe and effective when it comes to pregnancy, training and nutrition.   This is why we offer specialised pregnancy and post-natal training to support our mums through each stage of their pregnancy and post birth recovery.  We provide our mums with safe and effective exercise techniques, pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss nutrition guidance, as well as the option to train with bub in a safe and relaxed environment.  Our pregnancy and post-natal trainers have been specially trained and have experience in pregnancy safe training methods, pelvic floor safe training, personal nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding, Pilates, yoga and rehabilitation so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with us.

Key benefits of pregnancy and post-natal exercise:

  • Maintain your muscle tone, strength and fitness
  • Increased energy, feel good endorphins and endurance
  • Relieve muscle and joint aches and pain
  • Regulates weight gain
  • Reduces the risk of incontinence and prolapse
  • Can aid labour and birthing
  • Regain strength, energy and fitness after birth
  • Lose excess pregnancy weigh safely
  • Flexible training and quality time with your bub

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A word from our Sheer Mums

“I could tell you about how training at Sheer Transformations has helped me regain my former self after I became a mother. I could tell you about how my physical fitness far exceeds that which I ever expected, how thrilled I am with my new body, and the immense improvement to my overall health. It is all true, but it vastly understates the magic that Sheer Transformations brings to one's life.” Trina

"After having a baby 2 years ago I needed help getting back on track with exercise and diet. The Sheer family have been amazing - the friendly supportive atmosphere and some gentle nudging from my trainer, have produced awesome results for me."  April

“Maggie has been my personal trainer for many years. She has helped me to gain strength, fitness and to maintain it. Her flexibility has helped me to maintain some semblance of routine exercise despite work travel schedules, pregnancy and later with a small baby.   As an older Mum, I was concerned about maintaining my fitness for both the birth and keeping up with a young child. With the luck of a trouble-free pregnancy and the help of Maggie, I was still doing light weights and boxing training sessions within 5 weeks of my due date. I recommenced training again about 12 weeks after giving birth with light weights and aqua sessions. This allowed me not only to get great exercise, but to also do something that focused on me.  My daughter is now 4 and my diet and exercise regime has varied in quality over the years since her birth as I struggled to balance work and family.  Maggie has supported me through this and assisted me to find a way to continually improve my diet, exercise and ultimately my health. The payback for me is the energy I have to spend with my family.” Jo

“Before starting with Sheer Transformations, I was lazy, unmotivated, tired and unhealthy. I took a good look at myself, the food that I was eating and the foods that my son was eating and decided to do something about it as I didn't want my son growing up without his mum or my son being overweight and unhealthy. I love Sheer Transformations and the people in the gym are nice, motivated and very supportive to achieving your goals with you. In 2 months, I have lost 6kg’s and I can now run 3km’s and feel so proud and good about myself.”  Ash

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