30 Day Detox




The program that combines 10 steps that assist in flooding the body with vital nutrients and aid in the elimination of fat.  These 10 steps include;
1. Hydration
2. Detox your body
3. Detox your home
4. Exercise
5. Self-massage
6. Professional Lymphatic Drainage Massage
7. Dry Body Brushing
8. Moisturize
9. Improve circulation
10. Reduce Stress

You will receive a complete cleanse guide that goes through each of the above steps explaining what to do, how they affect the body, aid detoxification, and promote fat loss.
It includes;

  • A 7-day elimination cleanse with meal plan
  • Plus 3-week menu plan with the option of vegan menu
  • Specific exercises you can do at home that aid in improving lymphatic drainage, eliminating waste
    and cellulite.
  • Diagrams and pictures explaining how to do your own massage and lymphatic drainage.
  • Information and discount on support supplements that I recommend.
  • Additional recipes, recommended foods and shopping list.
  • Plus, quick reference Cheat Sheet and Daily Checklist.


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