Nutrition Consultation 3 session package




Navigating the field of nutrition can be tricky. There are so many different factors to consider, and while the wealth of information online can be great for access to information, it can also be overwhelming. Plus, all bodies require a different approach. There is no one style or formula that fits all people and all conditions.

Working in functional medicine, my primary focus is on creating strong foundations. This is based on your current health, your health history, your sleep, movement, stress, natural rhythms, habits, even your ancestral health, before looking in to what the next stages are for you health and your goals. More and more the holistic approach is showing to be the strongest preventative medicine we have. My approach combines evidence-based medicine with natural nourishment from food and movement, with the psycho-emotional mindset component often overlooked in clinical practice. Building strong foundations means looking at the whole person, unlocking your unique needs, and creating a plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Plus accountability – so often people receive a plan in one consultation and don’t realise that practitioner has a whole birds-eye treatment plan in the future. By working in a group of appointments you have access to me between sessions through WhatsApp for anything that comes up between appointments.

3 session package: 3x 1 hour appointments with a customised treatment approach + WhatsApp support to be used over 2 months – $280, usually appo$375 (payment plans + health fund rebates available)

Price: $280


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