Have you been on the diet band-wagon for a while now? Starting to feel like it’s a grind? Losing focus and motivation?

Around the 3 month mark, just like the seasons, we can start to feel like it’s a bit of the same old-same old. The grind can become tiresome and overwhelming. We can lose motivation and focus.

This is when we want to totally throw in the towel and give it all up. So long, see ya, going right off the deep end.

But what if instead, you took this as an invitation to take a pause?

  • Physiologically, our bodies crave change. As I always say, we are not calorie machines, we are hormone machines.
  • A lack of diversity on our plate means a lack of diversity in our guts, and to keep the microbes in our gut happy, we need to rotate foods
  • Our muscles are fuelled by glycogen, which is primarily produced through carbs
  • Often a big carb-up can actually make you look and feel leaner, as the carbs can be efficiently pumped in to the muscles. Not like, a 4L tub of ice cream, but a great bowl of pasta and a glass of red can actually give you a boost
  • Psychologically, we work so much better when we have an “end date” in mind. That’s why wedding diets work so well – there’s a defined end date, where we know we can take a break. Thinking you have to eat in a calorie deficit every.single.day forever can feel really daunting. By giving yourself permission to take a few days or a week off every (for example) 3 months, then it makes you much more likely to stick to your plan for that 3 month block
  • Stress wise, always thinking about, preparing and planning food brings a heavy focus to being “good” or “bad”. You know how when you go on holidays, you can eat a bunch but come home feeling lighter? That’s because you’re not in stress-mode. Giving yourself the permission to just chill for a few days or a week takes the stress factor out of it, and can lead you back to a place of more intuitive eating

Check in with yourself honestly – is it time to loosen the reigns and give dieting a break for a little while?

Taking a pause may feel a bit scary and unknown, but giving yourself some breathing often works wonders.

If you’d like a more planned approach, or just want to know more, reach out and see how we can help you with your nutrition!

Words by Belinda Morris