Cherelle Del Favero | Barefoot Physiotherapist and Sheer Transformations MemberCherelle Del Favero | Barefoot Physiotherapist and Sheer Transformations Member

At Sheer Transformations I feel like I am a part of a community.  Everyone is at the gym for their own reasons - some have extreme fitness goals like ninja warrior and others just want to function pain free - but we all support each other along our own journey. I don't ever feel like I’m in competition with anyone there (unless we want to be!) But at the same time I am kept accountable for arriving on time, pushing myself during a session and doing homework that benefits my goals - whether that be extra gym sessions or mobility work. I can highly recommend this place.

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Sal Oliver Lange | Barefoot PhysiotherapySal Oliver Lange | Barefoot Physiotherapy

Maggie-Laurie and Emma are incredible trainers that work very closely with our physios.  Cannot recommend highly enough!

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Sheer Transformation is the real deal, I have been given encouragement and support in achieving my goals with trainers who care.

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The trainers at Sheer are always conscious of making classes challenging to all our varied fitness levels so everyone feels personally accommodated, and the trainers effort to work with us around any injuries carried, allows everyone to be motivated to perform to a level where you walk away sweaty and satisfied with the effort you've put in!

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Tanya EnglandTanya England

If you're looking for a workout space that is safe, comfortable and free from judgement, ego and attitude then I can't recommend Sheer Transformations highly enough. This place has become my second home, and while I'm not sure I'll ever be able to say that I love exercise, I DO love my Sheer Family and the endless amount of support, encouragement, humour and friendship that I find within the walls of this little unassuming blue and white building.

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Trina SchmidtTrina Schmidt

Maggie-Laurie Watts (Mags), and her trusty crew at Sheer Transformations, don't just transform bodies - they transform lives.

I could tell you about how Mags helped me regain my former self after I became a mother. I could tell you about how my physical fitness far exceeds that which I ever expected, how thrilled I am with my new body, and the immense improvement to my overall health. It is all true, but it vastly understates the magic that Sheer Transformations brings to one's life. So, instead, I wish to tell you about Maggie-Laurie Watts and her visionary and selfless commitment to transforming people's lives through health and fitness.

I have been a member of Sheer Transformations for just over a year now. I first met Mags on a cold, rainy day in June when she invited me inside her studio for some refuge. In what I now know to be typical fashion (and one of her not-so-secret powers), Mags subtly convinced me to return that weekend for a consultation session. lf I am to be completely honest with you, then I must confess that I had every intention of cancelling before the time with some plausible excuse. But, there is something very enigmatic and soulful about Mags that makes you want to do right by her. So, I fronted up to the session and the rest, as they say, is history. I often reflect on how my life would be less enriched had I made a different choice that day.

Mags is an authentic, giving and loving person. She genuinely and purposefully wants to augment people's lives, and the world, through health and fitness. She visibly experiences great joy in others' achievements and she inspires you to want to do and be better. She lives her life with energy and passion and this translates into a motivating, supportive and devoted training environment. She is a solid reminder of how you owe it yourself to take care of your most valuable asset - you (mind and body). To skimp on your training schedule, or give less than your all, would somehow seem a betrayal of oneself and a compromise of the active and fulfilling life that you could possibly have.

And as if this isn't enough, she brings together like-minded people in a network of care and support. This is reflected in the wonderful crew (trainers and health professionals) that Mags has enlisted within Sheer Transformations; who all share her quality of authenticity and passion for health and fitness. It is also palpable in the group training sessions and social and charity events that she hosts under the auspice of Sheer Transformations. You don't just train at Sheer Transformations; you inextricably form meaningful and enduring friendships with wonderful people who you otherwise would not have met. If you could infuse Mags' approach to life and business, the world would be a far more sustainable place indeed.

My life is all the better for that fabulously fateful day in June last year. I have regained my health and reprioritised my life for greater fulfilment. I have extended my social network and that of my family with remarkable people. And, most unexpectedly but gratefully, I have made a very dear and cherished friend in Maggie-Laurie Watts.

Do yourself a favour - experience the Sheer Transformations magic. You owe it to yourself.

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Terry DTerry D

Maggie and I have worked in partnership over the last 2 years to improve my overall fitness, core, back and upper body strength.  From an initial goal to run the Bridge to Brisbane 10km run to ongoing rehabilitation of knee and back injuries, Maggie has provided personalised programs and support to facilitate and encourage my continual fitness journey. In particular, I have found the improvement in my posture and core and back strength has improved my general lifestyle outlook.   Maggie has worked in conjunction with my sports medicine doctor and physio and their recommendations to provide a personal, adaptable fitness regime that I credit with my recovery from these injuries. Under her guidance, I have set in motion a regime to take me forward to a fit and healthy future. Maggie is a star!

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Shellie TownerShellie Towner

Love Sheer so much! The classes are awesome, there is something different on all the time and the trainers are great! They push you while still being nice and friendly - like smiling assassins, I guess.  Everyone at Sheer is really positive and we are like a community. No bad vibes, negativity or big egos! Just awesome people working hard and getting results.

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Shellie TemplemanShellie Templeman

Sheer Transformations and trainers have supported my journey to a happy, active lifestyle.

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ST are helping me get stronger so that I can live better with a lower back injury and chronic migraines. With Maggie’s help and patience I am stronger and more confident about living with pain. One on one training and care has kept me moving and changed my perspective on what I can achieve.

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I remember sitting down very quietly on my first day at Sheer Transformations thinking what on earth is going on in this place, everyone knew everyone by name, saw I was a newbie and made the effort to introduce themselves and have a chat. Coming from a big commercial gym I'd never seen anything like it. I soon realised that this place doesn't operate like a normal gym it all, it's like going to visit your long lost sweaty, strong, supportive family who makes you run when you don't want to and pick up heavy things when you don't think you can.

There have been numerous occasions where I have tried to convince Maggie and Sparky that I'm actually dying from all this exercising but thank goodness they showed no mercy. I have never felt stronger or fitter in my life and really owe that to all of the wonderfully horrible trainers.

I had always struggled with my weight and I'm proud to say that this is no longer the case. Sheer Transformations has made me realise that I have the power to change, my body and my mind. Going from a very unhappy size 14 to a confident and healthy size 10 I can now say that for the most part I actually enjoy running and picking up heavy things (sorta)

So as I'm moving away this weekend I'd like to say a massive thank you to all of the trainers and amazing members that really have changed my life. I will forever recommend this gym to anyone and everyone with my whole heart.  Lots of love and appreciation.

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Susie RoeSusie Roe

1… Sheer Transformations is the best gym I have ever had a membership. The trainers push you and work with you to achieve the results you want. If you are carrying an injury or soreness there is always an alternative that works you just as hard. And the best bit about this gym, is that we are a family. The people who are members are friendly and there is no ego, we all support each other to do our best, there is no competition (only friendly). Maggie and Sparky and the team of trainers work you hard and make sure you have a laugh at the same time. Come and check them out.

2… Sheer Transformations... its your new family.  Sheer pushes you to be your best in a supportive and challenging environment.

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Sandy TaylorSandy Taylor

Joining the Sheer family has changed my life for the better. Not only have I achieved so much already with my fitness and strength but am also learning about nutrition and ways to make life happier and healthier. The support and love and encouragement I receive is unbelievable. If you want to have a healthier, happier life and meet so many amazing people. Sheer Transformation is for you. Nothing to loose but so so much to gain.

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Sam JonesSam Jones

So grateful that Maggie and the Sheer Team were recommended to me! Sheer Transformations is a super friendly and encouraging environment. Maggie is a wealth of knowledge with her main focus to get you healthy and fit safely. Not often is training and nutrition really tailored to your individual fitness level and specific needs but at Sheer the emphasis is on long term sustainable results. There are also plenty of 'mind/ body/ nutrition' and 'challenge' workshops held to help you stay motivated and on top of your goals. Whatever your fitness starting point is Maggie and Emma have the experience and knowledge to get you moving towards your goal!

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I have been going to Sheer Transformations since January 2011. All I can say is a huge "thank you".  Maggie is an inspirational motivated trainer, also she is one of the most genuine down to earth lovely people I have ever met.  With the help of her partner Steve and various other trainers over my time, I have seen some incredible results, I have lost weight, toned up, gotten fitter and had fun and made friends along the way.  Getting a compliment from someone saying you have lost weight gives you the best feeling in the world.  What I have achieved has taken hours upon hours of sweat in her gym, losing weight isn't going to happen overnight and there is no quick fix.  I'm only a third of the way! But starting at Sheer Transformations has literally put years back onto my life, of which I am eternally grateful.

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Rhett TurnerRhett Turner

I’ve been with Maggie and the Sheer Transformations team for about 5 years now. Joining was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. I struggled with normal 24 hr gyms, just due to the fact that being on your own is hard and trying to get the most out of a workout on your own is extremely difficult to keep up the intensity and motivation and paying for one on one PT sessions can get very expensive. It also made me feel like a hamster, just on the wheel going round and round on the same machines and weights. I pay a membership for the weekly classes and get to go to as many morning and night sessions as I want. The classes aren’t too big and you get the expertise and feedback from the trainers without having to pay for one on one sessions. Sheer Transformations has brought life, motivation, intensity, and fun to all my workouts for the last 5 years. Every day is different and constantly work muscles that I didn’t know existed. The team bring variety and fun to what can sometimes be hard to get motivated for and I’m always so happy I got to gym. There is no ego’s with any staff or clients and what this place offers is so much more than a workout, it’s encouraging, it’s friendly, it’s family.

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Renee TrevaskisRenee Trevaskis

It’s hard to remember what I was like before I was introduced to Maggie and the Sheer team. What I have achieved, how far I have come. I had goals, and we smashed them. I have lost 30kg, and I feel strong. In my body and mind, I have made amazing friendships, people who have never let me give up on what I wanted to achieve. Without a shadow of a doubt-changed my life.

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Robyn KasRobyn Kas

Really enjoy the atmosphere. I'm sure I'll grow to love the exercising!! Thanks Maggie for never giving up on me, even when I waver.

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Rebecca EndersbyRebecca Endersby

I started at Sheer because my personal trainer (who is amazing) changed gyms and I’m so happy that she did. This little gym is full of so many supportive people. I never feel awkward or out of place like I do at the bigger more commercial gyms. I also feel like the trainers are about being healthy and happy not a certain weight or fitness level. Could not recommend this place enough!!

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Ruth SaundersRuth Saunders

Small, quaint, family orientated place with energetic, encouraging and inspirational trainers that create miraculous realistic and true results.

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Rhiannon DenvorRhiannon Denvor

Trainers who know what they are doing and sincerely care, assisting you to reach your goals by enabling you to make any required changes to mindset and lifestyle.

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Rosalie HRosalie H

Maggie-Laurie not only focuses on your health and fitness goals, but ensures your mindset is right too.  She accepts no excuses but offers complete support with whatever you want to achieve. Maggie actually cares about you and your results and this comes through in the fantastic service she delivers.  I have not worked with another trainer like her.

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Pat WeirPat Weir

I love this gym.  It offers a unique experience of a gym family, that makes training fun and social.

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Peter TassiusPeter Tassius

What strikes me most is the happy, supportive and professional atmosphere at Sheer Transformations.  It is my feel-good fix. Personal training with Steve changed my coordination, flexibility and endurance.  My confidence grew and with encouragement I finished the 20km Tough Mudder Obstacle Race.

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Nell SandersonNell Sanderson

Would recommend Sheer Transformations for any age and fitness level. I have been attending for only a month and the staff and other members of the Sheer family have made me feel really welcome . It's a great environment to be able to workout at your own pace with lots of ongoing encouragement . I'm in it for the long haul.

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Marg DonaghueMarg Donaghue

1… My personal training sessions with Maggie have reaped rewards for me when I recently received the results of a bone density scan, a routine test for a woman in her 60’s. The results showed that there had actually been an improvement in my bone density scores, particularly in my lumbar area that had been an area of injury and concern.   Maggie has designed my program to work on my flexibility, improve the strength of my postural muscles, as well as work on my balance and local muscular endurance. The result has been a marked improvement to a back injury and a positive result from the bone density scan. I couldn’t be more pleased with what has been achieved and the attention and focus that Maggie has provided to achieve this outcome for me.

2… Team effort! I would like to acknowledge the care Maggie took to help with a back injury that I recently suffered. She contacted the physiotherapist I was seeing at Finesse Physiotherapy and discussed how my personal training sessions with her could complement the treatment he was giving. She also worked in conjunction with a Massage Therapist and between this amazing team of three, treated the injury with a professional level of care that was outstanding. I really look forward to my sessions with Maggie and the motivation, care and commitment she brings to these to help me to achieve my fitness and well-being goals.

3… Maggie has been our personal trainer for 5 years during which time she has designed programs for us to improve core strength, balance, and overall cardiovascular fitness. Recently she provided support, encouragement and specialised training for a Kokoda track experience made easier by the work she had designed as preparation.

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Maggie EwenMaggie Ewen

“Fantastic Gym.. love the classes, the personal training, the atmosphere. something to look forward to every time I go It's like family. come along join a class it's worth every minute.

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Megan WinterMegan Winter

Maggie is the best personal trainer in Brisbane I've had. Her level of care, attention and compassion is something that I really love. Always welcoming. Always up for a laugh. Always motivating. Always there to give a hug if needed... or to give some tough love and motivation. I highly recommend Maggie for fitness, personal training, weight-loss, getting strong and building muscle and just improving life!

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Mitch HorneMitch Horne

I love exercising and working out at Sheer. But it’s not only the training that keeps me coming back. It’s the variety of exercises and classes, the fun activities, the information sessions, and last but not least, it’s like having a 2nd family.

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Michelle BMichelle B

My husband and I have been training at Sheer Transformations for the past 6 years. Maggie is a dedicated PT who has encouraged and guided us both, going above and beyond to help us both increase our fitness to the point that we now have stability and strength that has reduced past back and neck issues. We are both fitter, healthier and pain free thanks to Maggie and her team.

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