Time for a reboot?


New years resolutions seem like so long ago, don’t they! You’d be forgiven for tossing them in the too-hard basket this year after everything we’ve endured in the last few months!

It’s no wonder you haven’t had the motivation to get moving despite potentially having more time on your hands.

More time at home, which has also meant more time near the fridge.

More stress, more uncertainty.

Less routine and less drive.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of all or nothing! You’ve done it before and when you’re in ‘all’ mode, you’re on top of the world! Eating clean, training every day, feeling energetic even without coffee (too far?).

But then life happens, and you slip back into ‘nothing’. No motivation, no consistency, no results.

Reboot is going to help you find the OR in between all or nothing. It’s really an AND. You can be working on yourself AND also enjoy a treat. You can be fuelling your workouts with good nutritious food AND also be a sloth on the couch sometimes.

You can do ANYTHING, but you can’t do EVERYTHING (at least not all the time, and maybe not as you’re learning new skills!).

Instead of needing to be ‘good’, our Reboot Challenge will guide you through daily tasks that add up to big results. Literally one thing every day. It’s cool if you want to do more but you don’t have to.

We also set a bigger target to do over the course of each week – it won’t always be easy (it is a challenge, after all!), but it will always be doable.

Too often, we set lofty goals but lack the steppingstones that allow us to actually get there.

Well, Reboot is your steppingstone!

It’s your chance to get closer to those forgotten goals through daily practices and accountability. It takes away the idea of needing motivation to get moving and empowers you to instil discipline bit by bit, without the overwhelm.

You can’t build a house in a day. But you can work on it day by day. You don’t get results from a single huge (and unsustainable) effort, but by the sum of small efforts repeated daily.

If you’re ready to Reboot 2020, drop us a line – we start on Monday 13th July!