Yeah we see you – the ones who always skip a post workout stretch and avoid yoga like the plague 😂 

You know we bang on about it being so good for you but it’s just not your thing. Here’s how to get maximum benefits with little effort:

➡️ Try dynamic stretching, aka taking your joint through a controlled range of motion. Think slow arm and hip circles and torso twists to start off a workout

➡️ Utilise your full range of motion (ROM) when training: similar to dynamic stretching, take your joints through their fullest range once loaded up. Get as low as you can, reach as far as you can, no half reps 

➡️ Try releasing muscles: press a release ball into any spots that are sore or tight. Hold for 30-60 secs while breathing deeply

➡️ Tough love: know that the thing you’re avoiding is quite often the thing that will help you get to the next level! Think of it like medicine, schedule it into your week and known that something is better than nothing 👌

Are you team stretch or team toight!?

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