I know you started the year with big aspirations.

“2020 is going to be my year!”
“It’s going to be different this time!”
“I want to lose 10kg and get fit again!”

January 2020 looked like a such a clean slate, golden with opportunity for your big comeback. But now it’s March and you still look, feel and think the same. Oops!

What are you meant to do when your big plans have gone awry! When that 6-week challenge didn’t shave any centimetres off?

Creating last change is HARD!

But it’s not impossible.

Here are the biggest mistakes we see, AND how to overcome them!


This is the most common around January, or the start of a challenge. You prep and plan and are going to kill it, then life gets in the way and you fall off the wagon, vowing that next time you’ll do better, and the cycle continues.

How to get around it: Look at health and fitness as something you can dial up or down, not switch on or off.

You didn’t make it to the gym on Monday? No, your week isn’t ruined – get your workout in on Tuesday or your next available day! Is the thought of eating clean and training 5 days a week a bit overwhelming? I hear ya. Dial it down to 3 days and focus on nailing your nutrition around training so you’ve got the energy to get it done.

It’s time to get out of that all or nothing mentality, because chances are it’s serving you when that switch is ON but adding stress when it’s off! Plan conservatively and then when you execute your plan well, add in another element one step at a time.


Why do you train? Why do you go to the gym? For most of us, the answer is going to be something akin to wanting to lose some body fat and “tone up” (aka gain some lean muscle).  You do a couple of workouts and you’re proud of the fact that you’re using heavier weights and can run for longer… but nothing has visibly changed – how demotivating!

How to get around it: Apply the toddler questioning method.

All valid goals, but just wanting to look a bit better is not getting to the heart of the situation. It’s time to pretend you’re a toddler: ask why. Ask why again. Ask yourself 7 more times until what you really mean is revealed.

Maybe it’s not the fact that you weigh less, have less body fat, or less cellulite that you really want.
It’s feeling confident when you’re in a certain item of clothing, or at an event. It’s feeling confident that you can get down to the floor or get back up if you fall over.

Digging deeper to find your real motivation will compel you to action far better than a superficial goal and help you to overcome anything that tries to get in your way.


Atkins, Dukan, Lemon Detox, Paleo, Keto… Any of this sound familiar? All of them sound familiar? If you program hop, chances are you’ve been lured in by the promises of a shiny new diet, gotten great results and then fallen off the wagon because it was unsustainable. Same goes for different exercise modalities: you’ve probably seen someone with a physique you admire. They swear by a certain method so you’ve given it a go, only to find out that it’s bloody hard, your genetics are not the same and you don’t have a team of people who can recreate the exact magical conditions required for results.

How to get around it: Play the long game.

Yeah. Not sexy. Not fun. It’s going to take dedication, hard work, and consistency over time! The common denominator of all diets is that you’re in a slight caloric deficit (hormones can come into play too, but that is the icing on the cake, not the whole cake. If all this cake talk is making you hungry, you’re probably on the wrong ‘diet’ for you haha!). The common denominator for all successful workout programs is enjoyment. Yep! If you’re hating every second of training, you’ll be less likely to want to go, and your compliance will start to drop. If you’re enjoying training, you’ll get there (honestly the biggest key factor!), and then over time the results will come.

Find movement that you enjoy doing, and a diet that doesn’t feel like deprivation. Now do them both for a year. 

All these things come down to moderation, motivation and modality.
Be kind to yourself by dialling up and down rather than switching on and off. Find your real ‘why’. And choose the ‘how’ that suits you and your lifestyle.